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Love Someone Else

By Your Side

Inspiration for the Song!

The song,  “Love Someone Else” was originally written on guitar. It’s about taking a moment in your day to put you-self aside and consider how some else is feeling.

At one point especially in my quest to be successful in music, I felt that I was getting really self-centered. Strangely a lot of motivational speakers were encouraging this behavior, it may have just been the way I perceived their message, but either way it was not making me a better person and it did not feel right in my spirit!

I wrote “Love Someone Else” for a friend. It means to spiritually have love for another person the way God had love for every person on earth! Often when I find myself becoming too self centered, the chorus of this song pops into my head, at that moment I stop what I’m doing to love someone else!

I might be working on music and someone calls, I take the time to answer or I may help someone who really needs it. Sometimes I have to sacrifice my time or money.  But guess what, I learned at the end of the day there is no lack of time or money, its just a matter of my mindset and how resourceful I am, more importantly God provides all these things for me, he makes a way out of no way!

So whenever I can…I take the time to Love Someone Else!

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