My Journey


First thanks for visiting my page. My name is Ashley I have been a producer and a songwriter since 2011. I was born in Bermuda, my Dad was in the Navy at the time. I grew up in Stafford Virginia. In my spare time I hang out with my husband, make raw food recipes, go biking and play with our dog Shay Wolf!

I’ve been playing the piano since I was 7. When I was in school I was in concert, symphonic and jazz band playing alto sax and keys.

I majored in Nursing at University of Virginia and I continued to play Classical and Jazz Piano throughout college. At the time my goals for music was to be a piano teacher or choir director. I never thought I’d get into singing and songwriting!


After college I began to song write and produce. I was going though a tough time and songwriting lifted my spirits. I recorded my first album Time Fly’s back in 2012 in Fredericksburg Virginia in my home studio and partially at Blackhawk Studios. I had my first album mix and mastered at Blackhawk Studios in Fredericksburg VA with Anthony.

I moved to Atlanta back in March 2012 for the Music Industry. My nursing job with the Public Health Service allowed me to move to Atlanta and work on music. I was a correctional nurse at USP Atlanta for over 3 years. Here’s where I worked


In 2013 I finished my second album Unpredictable I. I recorded the instrumental at home and the vocal and mix and master was done in Headquarters Studio on Marietta GA.


In February 2014 I meet Alvin Speights my current mix engineer we are currently working on my third album called Ascent.

I created Ascent Arts Society 2015. Ascent is about always be climbing towards a being a great you. My music is about my life, love and my ascent, it’s a sample of my sole, my thoughts and my emotions. My goal is to bring you along with me on our journey of ascent! I believe we should live our lives with passion and purpose. I believe we should eat and feel well, I believe we should always create new experiences. Keep climbing!

Music Style- Ballads and Pop Dance

Most of my songs are about love current and past relationships. Sometimes I write about life and when I’m really happy I write a pop dance song. A lot of my pop dance songs are influenced by a Caribbean beat. My dad is from Trinidad and my Mom is from Guyana, which is in South America so I grew up listening to a lot of Soca, Dance Hall and Reggae Music.

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